Track Leads With Unique Toll-Free And Local Phone Numbers

Schedule automated customer satisfaction surveys, voter polls, employee feedback, targeted marketing research, business data, and more! Then, analyze your data with in-depth outcome analytics and reports.

Assign a unique toll-free or local phone number to each of your online and offline marketing initiatives, to determine which campaigns capture the most leads. Numbers as low as $1 to $2 each!

Knowing where your call is coming from is powerful, but our call analytics take things to the next level. Link your campaigns to Google Analytics, and create detailed caller data—track your repeat callers, volume of calls, time of day, and unique caller data.

Customized Call Tracking Features

Customize your call tracking to best meet your business goals. From SMS-enabled tracking that allows you to either talk or text, to custom call alerts sent directly via smartphone or email, to fully automated call tracking for call volumes of any capacity.

Provide Your Customer Service Agents with The Technology They Require!

Before Call Tracking

100% Guesswork. Blindly guessing which of your recent online and offline marketing endeavors is driving your calls and conversions.

After Call Tracking

100% Accuracy. Assign a unique number to each campaign to generate in-depth lead insights, and

Still using the same local and toll-free numbers for all of your marketing campaigns? Eliminate the guesswork, and clearly define which campaigns are driving your conversion rates.

Identify what works, and rapidly reduce marketing spending by 20% or more.

Pinpoint your cost per acquisition for each segment of your marketing campaigns.

Reduce your costs per call, by providing your agents with in-depth caller data.

3 Ways Call Tracking Will Optimize your Marketing Budget

There are so many avenues of online and multi-channel marketing to explore. Assign a unique number to each category to determine your ROI.
Determine which offline marketing initiatives have the highest call conversion rate—TV, banners, radio, direct mailers, or newspapers, etc.
Determine which PPC keywords really drive engagement, and which only drive clicks.

Drive Your Business Forward With Data Driven, Online And Offline Lead Insights

Eliminate the guesswork, and make informed marketing mix decisions.

Determine precisely which campaigns are driving calls and conversions.

Optimize your marketing budget by investing only in what works.

Generate in-depth caller data—geographic location, time of call, day of week, call volume, distribution of calls, caller ID, linked email, and more.


DCDial’s Flexible IVR Saves You Time And Money!

Track first time and repeat callers
Integrate your data with Google Analytics
Record inbound calls
Receive and respond by either call or text
Automate alerts and follow-up messages
Direct after-hours callers to informative messages
Customize and share call analytics
Generate in-depth caller data and lead

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