Instant Access Boosts FCR

Automate caller profile, scripts, and essential contact data—to empower your agents to increase their first-contact resolution.

Integrate Your CTI

Integrated call centers are productive call centers. Integrate with CTA, CSA, predictive dialer, and signature DCDial software to boost call center productivity by 300%.

Not Just For Inbound Calls

Computer-telephony integration isn’t just for your inbound calls, but will populate essential caller data for outbound calls—such as general info, order history, billing, reservations, ticketing, and more!

Provide Your Customer Service Agents with The Technology They Require!

Before CTI

Agents answer calls with confidence, and achieve goals and call resolutions achieve with a minimum 12% boost in productivity.

After CTI

1 out of every 15 calls needs to be transferred to the appropriate agent or department.

A fully integrated Cloud call center requires advanced CTI. Thoughtfully designed by DCDial, DCDial’s signature solutions are both cutting-edge and cost-effective.

Callers don’t need to start from scratch when they call, as your agents will instantly see caller history and other essential data.

CTI automates scripts and caller data for both blended inbound/outbound call centers.

Impress your callers by offering personalized promotions, personalized communication, and combined ACD to boost both conversions and FCR.

Skip The Q&A And Get Straight To A Resolution

Customers will have no need to explain why they are calling, because your agents will already know.
Streamlined and intuitive dashboard make navigating scripts and screens easier than ever.
CTI for multi-channel, inbound and outbound Cloud call centers improve all KPIs.

With ACD, You Route To The Right Agent Or Department Every Time!

Perfect for multi-channel and multi-location call centers with call blending to prioritize inbound callers.

Fully integrates with CRM and IVR, and offers direct agent dialing for return callers.

Easy drag-and-drop dashboard allows management to update, change, and re-categorize routing without waiting for IT assistance.

Intuitive dashboard automatically prepares CSAs to engage via voice, chat, email, social media, and more!


DCDial’s Flexible IVR Saves You Time And Money!

Automate and visualize caller profile—call history, account information, order history, ticketing, billing, and more!
Streamlined and intuitive dashboard supports agent workflow.
Personalized offers, promotions, and communication with automated data-driven scripts
Integrate with CRM, and your preferred Cloud call center software
Supports blended call centers, by populating personalized data and scripts

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