Double Or Triple Your Outbound Connect Rates

Eliminate manual dialing, and double or triple connect rates. Optimize your Cloud call center, with a power dialer that automatically dials the next call when your agent wraps up with their current caller.

Optimize Your Labor Line

Our programming partners at DCDial worked diligently to create an intelligent and adaptive power dialer. A dialer that allows you to increase connect rates and subsequent conversions— without increasing your staffing levels or labor line.

Customized Power Dialer

DCDial’s power dialing allows you to define your calls-to-agent ratios, monitor your calls, automate telecom compliance, optimize your marketing efforts, manage your contact lists, generate in-depth contact KPI reports and analytics—and customize your outbound dialing to support your business goals.

Provide Your Customer Service Agents with The Technology They Require!


Before Power Dialer

25 to 30 agents to achieve your desired connect rates.


After Power Dialer

10 to 15 agents to achieve your desired connect

Perfect For Both Small And Large Outbound Contact Centers

Your contact center might be small, but it can be mighty! Double or triple live connections with our automated power dialer.

Eliminate manual dialing, and automate outbound dialing for your live, multi-location, and at-home CSAs.

Manually adjust dialing rates dependent on time of day, staffing levels, or current business goals.

Support your agent’s connect and conversion goals, by providing them with an intelligent power dialer. All but eliminate down-time in-between callers.

Our automated dialing system knows when an agent is ready for their next caller and dials accordingly.
Double or triple calls-per-hour, without increasing your staffing levels.
Designed for outbound dialing, but integrate with our supportive dialing modes to boost both outbound and inbound connect rates.

An Intelligent Power Dialer Booster Productivity, Without Increasing Workload

Dials with full time zone and telecom compliance.

Work smarter not harder, by eliminating manual dialing.

Intelligent power dialer connects available agents within seconds of their last caller.

Support your agent workflow, with intelligent contact center software.


Integrate with CRM
Perfect for at-home, single-center, multi-center, local, and nationwide contact centers
Full time zone and telecom compliance
In-depth caller/agent reporting, analytics, and KPIs
Integrate with Preview, Predictive, and
Progressive dialer for maximum efficiency
Rapidly boost connect rates

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