Invaluable Insights

Before your agent connects, they will be able to “preview” their caller’s order history, personal data, and profile. These invaluable insights empower your CSAs to make informed decisions about their sales approach.

Increase Conversions By 10% Or More!

With the ability to know who they are connecting to, and prioritize who they want to connect with, your agents can optimize their list and leads—and increase conversions by an average of 10% or more!

Integrate For Maximum Efficiency

To experience the full level of call center efficiency, integrate your call center with DCDial Preview, Predictive, Progressive, and Power dialing modes.

Provide Your Customer Service Agents with The Technology They Require!

Before Preview Dialing

A blind sales approach, where agents scramble to learn about
their live caller.

After Preview Dialing

Agents select, and connect to callers with confidence—increasing conversions by at least 10%!

Informed agents are productive agents. Empower your outbound sales agents to succeed, by personalizing their approach.

Automate and prioritize leads dependent upon your current promotions and campaigns.

Optimize for non-sales conversions, which require conversation opposed to an inflexible script.

Integrate with your blended call center, to ensure your inbound/outbound agents are always prepared for their callers.

When Your Agents Are Informed, They Are Empowered!

Agents are able to view essential client data, before they are connected to a live call.
Agents are empowered to prioritize, or skip a caller based on agent and company goals.
Automatically dial the next caller, populate caller data, scripts, and more!

Integrate Your Sales Center With Our Flexible Dialing Options

Boost conversion rates by 10% or more, with automated caller preview

Empower your agents to succeed, by providing in-depth caller data.

Truly engage your contacts, by personalizing scripts and sales approach.

Dial designated lists which coincide with your current promotions and marketing campaigns.


Preview essential caller data: call history, order history, personal profile, location, and more.
Automated analytics and sales reports
For maximum efficiency, integrate Progressive, Power, Predictive, and Preview dialerlocal, and nationwide contact centers
Full time zone and telecom compliance
User-friendly dashboard supports agent workflow
Perfect for at-home, single-center, multi-center, local, and nationwide contact centers
Integrate with CRM, scripts, and sales tools
Allows agents to skip a contact by prioritizing their ratios and goals

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