One And Two-Way SMS

Text your contact lists today—with a 96% open and read rate! Send outgoing promotion codes, marketing materials, friendly reminders, links to satisfaction surveys—and more. Most SMS campaigns are designed to provide quick one-way messaging, but we can easily integrate for 2-way contact.

Automated Opt-In/Opt-Out

Offer fast and easy SMS-only opt-ins through social media, your website, or contact sign-up tools. Each message comes with easy opt-out options. Automate scheduling for maximum efficiency.

Flexible Marketing And Communications

With a 96% open and read rate, it is easy to integrate your text messaging with cross-channel promotions and drip campaigns. Also, use for last-minute promotions, emergency communication, or automated client or employee reminders.

Provide Your Customer Service Agents with The Technology They Require!


Before DCDial SMS

28% email read and open rates


After DCDial SMS

96% text message read and open rates

Short, timely, and relevant SMS marketing and text messaging allow you a modern and effective method of engaging your contact lists.

Capitalize on a local event or trend by creating a last-minute, or even same day SMS promotion.

Wake up to poor weather? Text your employees to let them know you will be opening late today.

Have an upcoming sale or promotion? Send out a friendly reminder to your regulars, VIPs, or social media followers.

Optimize Your Current Contacts, And Create SMS-Only Communication Channels

Integrate with your current contact lists, to double, triple, or quadruple your read and open rates.
In-depth reporting allows you to measure KPIs—read rates, conversions, engagement, and more!
Your fans and followers may prefer text over email. Offer text-only promotions to boost engagement.
Create targeted lists, for both your internal and external customers. Surveys, marketing, last-minute reminders, and more.

Boost Retention, Drive Conversions, And Increase Engagement With Text Marketing!

Send last-minute, same day, promotions and communications.

Schedule follow-ups, surveys, friendly reminders, and more!

Diversify your marketing mix, and boost your cross-channel communications.

Integrate with current contact lists, and categorize all lists for effective engagement.


Flexible one and two-way SMS marketing and text messaging.
Capitalize on trends and events with same day, last-minute SMS.
Text to and from local or toll free numbers.
Integrate with keyword marketing to further build your list
Integrate with current contact lists and CRM, and create entirely new communication channels
Automate scheduling any way you like. By time-zone, by recipient preference, or trigger point.
Pay per text, or purchase promotional packages.
Personalize messages for all recipients
Perfect for at-home, single-center, multi-center, local, and nationwide contact centers.
Built-in opt-in/0pt-out

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