Agent-Free Messages And Reminders

Optimize your call center, by automating calls that don’t require an agent. Send out pre-recorded voice broadcasting for promotions, payment reminders, alerts, and targeted messages to voters, employees, and contacts.

Personalized Your Messages

Record personalized messages in your own voice or with advanced voice-to-text. Perfect for both last-minute, and pre-scheduled outreach. Send to everyone on your call lists, or hyper-target for maximum results.

Connect To Thousands Of Callers Per Minute

Save time and money by delivering thousands of reminders and messages per minute. Efficiently connect to more callers, in less time—and without increasing your labor hours. If an agent is needed, callers can opt to connect. Even leave a pre-recorded voicemail!

Provide Your Customer Service Agents with The Technology They Require!

Before Voice Broadcasting

Invest an entire day direct dialing contact list.

After Voice Broadcasting

Connect to your entire contact list in a matter of minutes.

Voice broadcasting allows you to send targeted messages to your contacts. Perfect for casual engagement, promotional purposes, employee updates, voting info, and more!

Have a last-minute emergency, event, or trigger? Record or automate a direct message, and update your contacts, employees, or clients ASAP.

Support your cross-channel marketing, or send targeted marketing messages to your VIPs.

Automate friendly payment or service reminders, post-transaction thank-you’s, and retention-boosting messages.

Optimize, Increase, And Personalize Your Outbound Calls!

Increase your outgoing call volume by sending targeted messages to your contact lists.
When callers need more information, they can simply Press 1 to be connected to a live agent.
Automated opt-in/opt-out features ensure your voice broadcasts are never a nuisance.

Voice Broadcasting Supports Both Your Internal And External Business Goals

Flexible outbound messaging can be used for multiple contact and promotional applications.

Direct dial thousands of callers per minute, for just pennies per caller.

Track and analyze connect rates, conversions, and engagement for all messages.

An efficient method of last-minute, and emergency broadcasting.


Record messages in your own voice, or use voice-to-text
Smart technology leaves pre-recorded voicemails
Press 1 to connect with a live agent
In-depth reporting allows you to track outbound KPIs
Create and deliver same day, last-minute, and
emergency messages
Automated callback features
Populates your local or 800 number on the caller ID
Perfect for at-home, single-center, multi-center, local, and nationwide contact centers
Targeted voice broadcasting
Automated opt-in/opt-out, and DNC
Multiple internal/external, promotional, and informative applications

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