Proactive Energy And Utilities Solutions Deliver Superior Service And Customer Care For Water, Waste Management, Electricity, And Gas

Our homes and businesses can’t operate efficiently without energy and utilities. Water, gas, electricity, and waste management are required for power, light, heat, and hygiene. Both health and safety are compromised when our systems fail.

Rapid response is required when utility systems go awry, and you require robust emergency communication solutions to manage outages, disaster, and repairs. DCDial provides the multi-channel communications you require for your customer-centered utilities network.

Outages aren’t the only time your clients require engagement. Establish your utility company as a top contender by optimizing everything from contact center call flow, scheduling non-emergency service visits, automated payment processing, general service inquiries, data optimization, workflow management, and more!

Proactive Engagement

Mobile Self-Service

Intelligent Routing

Emergency Communications

Proactive Engagement

Engage Your Clients So They Don’t Have To Call You

Automate mobile marketing, service delay notifications, outage updates, and emergency contacts—email, SMS, and pre-recorded messaging
Send billing and payment reminders, usage alerts, service reminders, and personalized engagement
Post service area updates to social media channels for up-to-date notifications

Mobile Self-Service

Customer Experience Management Must Be Mobile

Online and mobile apps offer mobile service solutions—account balance, phone-free outage reporting, service activation, termination of service, and utility consumption
Pay utility bills with secure online and PCI-compliant automated bill pay
Report non-emergency energy and utilities problems, schedule or change service visits, and get answers to general inquiries—via phone, SMS, text, and social CRM

Intelligent Routing

Minimize Hold And Handle Times

Intelligent routing manages call flow and optimizes workload distribution for improved first call resolution
Personalize service with priority and skills-based routing, such as by history, recent services, recent engagement, and location
Text and interactive voice response minimize hold and handles times

Workflow Management

Optimize Agent And On-Site Workflow With Intelligent Software Solutions

Optimize your multi-channel call center with hosted IVR, ACD, CTI, voice broadcasting, and advanced dialing solutions—predictive, preview, power, and progressive dialing
Real-time analytics and reporting allows the data insights to rapidly resolve delays, and accurately measure KPIs
Integrate with your social CRM, rewards program, sales, marketing, industry, hotel management software, and more